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Success Story

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Sweet Treats by Ivonne

Ivonne Ortiz started with a passion for creating edible art that helps people embrace happy memories through delicious treats.   In less than a year, she was able to turn that passion into a full-fledged business.  Sweet Treats by Ivonne was started with the mission to make their customers’ lives a little better by making them happy.

When Ivonne first started, she faced many of the challenges that most entrepreneurs experience, but with the help of Chris Abetz with the Florida SBDC at UNF, she was able to overcome most obstacles.

Chris assisted Ivonne with the full story...

Ivonne OrtizSweet Treats by Ivonne

The Florida Small Business Development Center at the University of North Florida’s no-cost consulting, low-cost training and extensive information resources offer entrepreneurs access to the business solutions that help them grow and succeed. By helping businesses grow, we create a better community for all.

Additional Success Stories

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Chef Phil’s Badass BBQ Sauce

The SBDC started me on the path I am on today. They organized me, informed me of the pitfalls and introduced me to the JAX Bridges Program for Entrepreneurs. Additionally, it wasn’t just one meeting, there were follow-up meetings to verify my progress with my business plan. And also to shore up any areas I may have overlooked. As I stated on First Coast Living, having the SBDC and Jax Bridges in your corner, means your chance of success is much, much greater.

Chef Phil Brown Chef Phil’s Badass BBQ Sauce

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