Featured Business: Cool Moose Cafe

I really like Tony Jarvis. Here is a guy with an advanced degree that decided in 1998 that Jacksonville really needed a touch of New England in the form of a neighborhood breakfast/lunch/coffeehouse. As a CBA, I have seen coffee concepts come and go, but his Cool Moose Cafe is a neighborhood favorite. Located at Park and King , it is a small business anchor for this popular commercial intersection. Tony was one of the first to enroll in the FastTrac small business workshops I was facilitating when I was with the University of Florida. If you talk to Tony, you better think Red Sox Nation. Tony is as big a fan as any Gator devotee is in Northeast Florida. I love his coffee and it is a great place to meet clients for lunch. He understands that customer service, a warm atmosphere and great food are the keys to success. Tony is accessible to his clientele. They go there because they like the aforementioned qualities and that he is like able (for a yankee). Feel free to call this Jersey boy a Yankee, but a baseball fan from Boston, not so much. The Florida Times-Union just did a great video piece on the Cool Moose Cafe. Click here for the story.
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