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Britian Comes to Aid of Their Third Sector

The lawmakers in the British Isles seem to understand the value of their nonprofit community. To that end, the British government has created a nonprofit stimulus package that will have a large ripple effect in their social sector. Perhaps, now that we have taken care of Wall Street, we can do the same thing for Main Street and help nonprofits in the USA. Read the article below authored by Alistair McDonald which recently ran in the Wall Street Journal.
LONDON — The U.K. government, having pledged hundreds of billions of pounds to prop up banks and businesses, is set to spend a bit more to help another type of organization: hard-hit charity and volunteer groups.

The government plans to announce Monday a package of £42.5 million ($62.9 million) in aid for volunteers, charities and so-called social enterprises, according to a spokeswoman. The organizations have been struggling to raise money at a time when more people are turning to them amid rising unemployment.
While tiny in comparison to the more than £500 billion the U.K. has put on the line for banks and other financial firms, the move opens a new front in the government’s efforts to soften the blow of the crisis, and could influence policy makers elsewhere. The money will be aimed at “charities providing employment advice, mental health and family support services in the most deprived areas of England and Wales, plus millions extra to help those out of work start volunteering,” according to a transcript of remarks that Liam Byrne, a minister in the Cabinet Office, plans to make Monday.
As much as £10 million of the government funds will go to volunteer programs aimed at helping the unemployed learn new skills and do community-service work.
Money will also be spent on grants to help the country’s poorest areas, and £16.5 million will be spent helping charity and volunteer organizations cut costs by merging or partnering with other groups.
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