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Local Food Bank Burgularized Again

Jennifer Lindgren from First Coast News posted the following story. Here is a local nonprofit under siege. See the contact information at the end of the article if you want to help.

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A West Side non-profit that helps others in a time of need is experiencing a rash of break-ins. Police say the thieves are stealing something that they could have gotten for free.

When Dr. Dewey Painter arrived at Mission Harvest on Monday morning, he found the locks on twelve office doors smashed in, and the staff’s entire food pantry cleaned out.

“They took what they wanted and left the things they didn’t want,” Dr. Painter said.

Since 1991, Mission Harvest has supplied local non-profits with necessities for the needy.

“All we want to do is help. We’re not asking for anything ourselves. [The burglaries] tie our hands to help the people who really need it, and the thieves seem to have made a career out of it,” Dr. Painter said.

Dr. Painter says Sunday was the fifth time this year that someone has broken into the warehouse.

He thinks the economy is causing more people to take up criminal activity.

With this most recent crime, the thieves by-passed computers, stole a TV, then headed straight for the food.

Along the way, they caused $2,100 in damage.

What frustrates Dr. Painter is the fact that Mission Harvest could have helped the people if they were desperate for food and clothes.

“People don’t have to resort to crime. In America, if someones hungry, they can find food. There are good organizations all over this city,” Dr. Painter said.

If you want to help:

For more information about obtaining our services or making a donation do not hesitate to contact us at the

phone numbers and addresses below.

        904 356-3564
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