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SBDC Client Spotlight: Jennifer Miller, Printing and Promotional Partners

What does Printing and Promotional Partners do?

We are a full-service advertising specialties company with a wide range of promotional items available for you to promote your company. We help you extend your imagination by introducing creative angles to gain advantage over your competition. We guarantee high quality products. Printing & Promotional Partners’ close relationship with suppliers ensures that each order is done in a timely manner. Whether you are a new or current client, you will enjoy the benefits of these relationships by working with us during your promotion. We will help you decide the best products to influence your market through consultation available with our marketing specialists.

How did you become involved in the promotional product and printing business?

As a junior high school student, we were required to take shop classes and my first semester I was put in Graphic Arts. We started off making rubber stamps and printed envelopes with our addresses on it. While showing a friend of mine what I had made, her Father asked me to make a rubber stamps and envelopes for him during class and offered to pay me for what I had made. It was my first sale and I was hooked! I then learned how to run presses in class and after school and during the summer I was hired on by local printing companies to work in customer service and bindery. I worked my way into sales and learned the promotional business and with a loyal following of customers started my own business.

Describe your typical customer and what they are looking for in a company like yours.

I have no “typical customer”. I work with large companies as well as the stay at home mom who needs something for a childs sport team. Everyone at some point needs the services I can provide. From the shirts for their family reunion, wedding invitations, trophies for the soccer team, coins for their military squadron, to the larger companies who want brand recognition for their company with brochures & business cards, corporate apparel, vehicle wrapping, pens etc.

As a business owner, what has been your biggest challenge?

Currently I would have to say the biggest challenge is reminding people how important advertising and marketing is to any business in this economy. The first thing that larger companies want to cut is their advertising dollars. Now is the time they need to be pushing for new business and reminding people they are out there. I also remind companies that while sometimes they can save a few dollars ordering items online, ordering from local companies makes more sense. Not only are they helping their local economy, they also have a person to help them with their marketing ideas and a live person to talk to in case of any issues with their order.

What is your favorite promotional product that you have available to clients right now?

All the eco-friendly products are my favorites. A few years ago there were very few eco- friendly promotional products on the market and within the last year there has been a real push in this industry for new items. Pens made from recycled tires, pencils made from recycled newspapers. There is even an entire line of plastic items that uses recycled currency. That’s only naming a few!

As a successful business, what best business practice would you like to share with others?

I would have to say honest answers, a fair price and excellent customer service.

Printing & Promotional Partners

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