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Comprehensive 3 day course in health entrepreneurship offered at UNF

This is an amazing course offered through the UNF Division of Continuing Education in association with the Small Business Development Center. Attendees will learn how to navigate the path from an idea to commercial success. Scholarships are available! This comprehensive three-day course will cover the following:

Day One: Basics of entrepreneurial management.

We will review basic business principles including discovering unmet market needs, competition and strategy, financial management, and sales and marketing. This is not a course on small business administration, however, particularly considering that many of our students may wish to be involved in the critical entrepreneurial arms of large companies. We will review a working knowledge of these principles that any business person should be able to discuss, but our students will be differentiated by our constant theme that business success is about the “nuance”- partnerships, strategy, negotiation, insights to unmet market needs – not rigid accounting or textbook concepts that are often never used in the real world.

Day Two: Entrepreneurship in Healthcare (and Other) Companies – large and small.

We will supply and discuss a framework for the healthcare landscape, defined by a comprehensive division of the sector into sub-sectors as they currently exist, ranging from hospitals services all the way to biotechnology development of drugs and even the hand-off from “big pharma” to generic manufacturers once a drug reaches patent maturity. Our students will see how they fit together, and will focus and understand how all of these disparate businesses models play a role in patient care, without requiring that they understand the technological detail of a new drug or imaging device (though our faculty is very deep in this knowledge for those who wish to build on the course). Toward the end of the day, we will discuss proposed reform legislation (likely just passed in fact, when the course is offered) so that the course will be the epitome of timely, personalized education.

Day Three: “Our Stimulus”

We will discuss the ideas from students and analyze them as a group using our new tool-kit. This will be an effective education tool to reinforce the timeliness described in the above paragraph with not only real world examples, but actual dilemmas faced by the people in the class. The majority of our time on this day will consist of addressing a number of case studies that we will have prepared which highlight sub-sectors with burning unmet market needs in healthcare, and with immediate application to North Florida. In both cases, whether discussing our selected real world examples or prospective ideas offered by a student, the attendees will learn not only from the faculty, but from each other as we promote active class discussion and the taking and defending of positions.

You registration fee includes breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Seating is limited.

150 FULL scholarships are available.

UNF Division of Continuing Education, 12000 Alumni Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224

Register on line @ (Click on Conferences/Events), or

Telephone: Ginger Sumner @ (904) 620-4260, or


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