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Pet Shots Cheap Partners with Winn Dixie to Provide Pet Clinics

David and Patricia Watkins have big hearts when it comes to pets. That’s why they started their business, Pet Shots Cheap. They set up pet clinics staffed with veterinarians and techs at Winn Dixie and Advance Auto stores on weekends to provide inexpensive shots and brief physicals for dogs and cats. It’s a simple business model but takes a lot of planning and organization to make it work. David and Patricia work closely with Cathy Hagan at the SBDC at UNF as their business grows. They also turned to the Small Business Resource Network to find an insurance agent (Vicky Zelen, Zelen Risk Solutions) and a CPA (Mark Patrick, Patrick & Robinson). Look for Pet Shots’ familiar yellow banner at a Winn Dixie or Advance Auto near you.

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