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An Interview with Füt Glove “Better Than Barefoot”

Füt Glove’s five-toe shoes are made for your lifestyle, whether your are the high performance athlete or casual shoe wearer, they have a shoe for you.

Tim Chromy and Dan Johnson came in to talk about their Northeast Florida based company.

1. What makes your product unique? (UNF)
  • Most shoe designs today do not consider the entire foot.  In fact, most of what the human foot should do in terms of movement and flexibility is held back by the same designs used today.  Fut Glove designs shoes to enhance flexibility and movement by considering the entire foot in the design process.  Our shoes provide a unique five toe glove fit that allows more flexibility than the standard shoe design and with that being said, our shoes are designed for a function, not solely for their appearance.
2.  How have people received your shoes? (UNF)
  • It has been a tremendously gratifying experience, we always get a reaction.  We see instantly how customers feel about our products from the moment they put them on.  Comfort seems to be the biggest thing we hear our customers say and they are also pleased with our unique shoe designs.
3.  What makes us different from the competition? (UNF)
  • In the past, the market for five toe shoes has grown but only targeted a very select audience.  We are looking to change that, our shoes are designed for everyone.  The comfort and quality we’ve put into our shoe is not directed towards one specific segment of the market but to anyone that wants the additional freedom, comfort and flexibility of wearing a five toe shoe.
4.  What was the hardest part about starting the business? (UNF)
  • The hardest part about creating Fut Glove was developing a strategic plan that we feel will make the company a long-term success. Our strategic plan is rooted in our Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Value Statement. We believe these things are important for establshing our company’s culture, which focuses on (1) providing a product which promotes foot health, (2) product innovation, (3) operating with integrity, and (4) contributing company profits to worthy causes. We feel the right corporate culture is essential to our success. Many other aspects of developing this type of business have been done before, including identifying a product, identifying a target market, finding a manufacturer for the product, and acquiring funding to drive the business. However, as we know, most small businesses ultimately fail. We asked ourselves what aspects of eventually successful businesses are missing from most start-up companies. We believe the most critical factor for success in a start-up business is its people, and their commitment to the company. We therefore wanted to establish a company in which the employees share these values and a commitment to the product’s success.
  • Also, when you have a great product or idea, taking to market correctly, especially at an early stage is vital.  In our case we had multiple opportunities for distribution but selecting the right partners is so important to getting any product off the ground. The early success in our sales depended a lot on where to place the product and how we wanted to start building our brand. We had so many ideas and opportunities to distribute the product initially that we eventually narrowed our approach down to a very controlled set of partners that matched how we wanted to approach the market.


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