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UNF SBDC Client Fighter Energy Enters Market

Congratulations Brian Smith on your great new energy product hitting the market!

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Fighter Energy, a brand that provides a healthy, convenient energy drink to consumers, has partnered with Nutritional Products International (NPI) for the retail distribution of its products.

Fighter Energy® effervescent tablets dissolve in water or your favorite beverage and include the key ingredient Taurine, which promotes energy and alertness. It is different than a typical energy drink or shot in that it delivers effective and healthy ingredients including a “B” vitamin complex directly to the consumer in effervescent tablet form, instead of being diluted and shipped in a can. Fighter Energy® drink has a great citrus flavor when mixed with water, allows consumers control of the flavor by adding a tablet to their favorite beverage, and they dissolve quickly and efficiently without stirring. Fighter Energy is proud to partner with, NPI, one of the world’s leading nutraceutical companies and distributor of nutritional products to global retail markets.

“Fighter Energy is a brand that provides healthy and beneficial supplements, all while promoting the idea that everyone should have a passion for living life,” said Mitch Gould, CEO NPI. “This brand has a lot of potential to really make a difference and have a great deal of success in the market place.”

Fighter Energy was founded by Brian Smith, a prior U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer onboard “Warship 56” the USS Simpson home-ported at NS Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to his job in anti-submarine warfare, “Petty Officer Smith” conducted counter-narcotic and rescue missions off the coast of South America with Coast Guard Special Forces detachments (LEDET). It was during one mission when he and his shipmates had gone several days without sleep, that Smith noticed how much cold coffee, energy drinks, and energy shots they had to consume on a regular basis to survive such a demanding life at sea. He was suddenly inspired to create “the perfect energy drink,” a drink that could meet the demands of a life filled with travel and adventure, one that has some serious energy when you need it most, is less expensive, has more vitamins, less sugar and less caffeine. At age 23, with the feedback and support of his shipmates he developed Fighter Energy.

Fighter Energy® drink is convenient and portable enough for any situation, featuring 10 energy drink tablets in a tube that can fit in your hand. With no sugar, just 5 calories, and a healthy caffeine level (37.5mg), Fighter is a great solution for consumers who need a boost of energy and want to stay healthy. Fighter Energy® drink’s advanced manufacturing and high quality ingredients, along with the recyclable fresh-seal canister, allow a two year shelf life and a fresh tasting energy drink no matter where you are.

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