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Jacksonville to Hear National Business Leaders Speak

The Relevancy Revolution Tour Aims to Change Business
                                                                     Dave Fechtman, CEO, Roof Theory Advisors

As a business leader or professional you most likely have heard a great speaker who motivated and inspired you.  There are numerous motivational speakers series that effectively enthuse the audience into feeling like they can move mountains.  Unfortunately, that wears off in 24 hours when you return to the real world and the information you heard becomes a distant memory.

The Relevancy Revolution Tour is different!  It was designed specifically with you in mind.   Attendees will experience an intense, full day of professional development with experts that will show you how to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. And it doesn’t stop with the event. We’ll support you after the Relevancy Revolution Speakers Tour through a number of continuing education opportunities including a niche social media platform and webinars to build upon what you learned.
Our speakers are the leading experts in their respective areas.  They focus on helping you grow sales, gain referrals, motivate employees, strengthen leadership, communicate clearly and effectively, think and plan strategically and more.

Retention and practical application of the information you learn is our focus.  The support and continued connectivity to our speakers after the tour is what differentiates us from the other “purely motivational, leadership” events.   Although our speakers primarily work with Fortune 500 companies, we structured the ticket price points to make it accessible to any professional that wants access to the most current information out there.  We want every attendee to realize a high Return on Investment (ROI).  You cannot afford to miss this event.

This nationwide 18 stop tour launches in Jacksonville, Florida on May 9th!   To learn more or sign up for the tour visit www.relevancyrevolution.com.

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