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An Interview with David Josephson, Success Factor Workshops

We recently spoke to client David Josephson with Success Factor Workshops. Many may already know David as The Growth Coach of Jacksonville. But just as David encourages his clients to make bold moves, he has decided to take great strides with his business too.
UNF SBDC: David, I am excited about hearing how you have decided to make the move by branding yourself. Why did you decide to make the shift in your business?
David: Thanks Kevin. I’m excited about this change for Jacksonville’s business community and beyond. Our company has always actually been Success Factor Workshops. The Growth Coach, an International Business Coaching Franchisor, requires all of their franchisees, such as myself, to have a separate entity. My license allows me to promote the materials and I have use of the logos and other trademarks. The good news is now with the official change, I am able to promote all of my materials and tools that I have access to in addition to The Growth Coach.
UNF SBDC: Why the name change?
David: It speaks to our core mission of showing how business professionals have the ultimate control of their success by being the factor of what makes them great and unique. The name Success Factor means “to resonate from within.”  Ultimately, what allows for success or failure is the person you look at in the mirror – you. By taking responsibility you now have control of your destiny – your business.
UNF SBDC: What makes Success Factor Workshops different?  
David: Having this empowering point-of-view has allowed us to see how other trainings just scratch the surface rather than create everlasting changes. Other trainings typically only come from the trainer’s point-of–view, where he/she offer tips and suggestions that have worked personally.  However, what often works for one person can take someone else away from their core objective. In the end, how do you know that these ideas are right for your business???
UNF SBDC: Interesting point-of-view. What does this mean?
David: Rather than lecturing and telling what we think our clients need, we engage our clients in a strategic conversation so they can see what works for them. This enables us to create a customized workable plan for them. Once the plan is created we hold them accountable and offer insights to keep them on track. Our client is always in control of the process. As a result, they are motivated to stick with it.
UNF SBDC: What are some advantages to offering Success Factor Workshops compared to what you have been doing?
David: The biggest advantage is that it opens up several new options for our clients and it allows for us to keynote at various organizations and associations locally as well as around the country. Our most popular presentation is Getting Your Head Out of Your Busyness. This program is ideal for professionals who are looking for ways to better manage their day by looking at what their priorities are. 
We have also launched Sales My Way – a unique sales training program that includes assessments that help to determine why our client’s sales are off and what to do about it. We eliminate the typical hard-close sales approach by reviewing how to best approach a prospect. We are working with several different business-to-business sales organizations as well as insurance agencies, banks, and construction firms, just to name a few. If selling is a factor for your success, then creating a plan is what will increase business revenues.   
Furthermore, CPAs are able to earn up to 96 CPEs by working with us. Since we are maintaining our affiliation with The Growth Coach, our programs qualify for CPEs through NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy).
UNF SBDC: Working at The Small Development Center here at UNF, I am often referred by a number of things such as coach, consultant, advisor, mentor, as well as many others. What is the difference?
David:  I agree, terms like the ones you mentioned can be vague. Often, consultants like to refer to themselves as a coach because it sounds cool; however, they do mean different things. For instance, a consultant is a professional we hire when we have little to no expertise in the work the consultant does. CPAs are a great example. As a business owner, I just need my taxes to be done and don’t really care how they do it as long as they are done correctly. On the other hand, a coach is a professional you engage to help you to see things differently and to make real everlasting changes in your behavior and mindset.
I educate my clients by explaining that a coach helps you to see the trees in your forest and a consultant helps you to maintain the forest. Advisors and mentors are experts where you can bounce ideas off of them to get their opinion, like a mini focus group. While they are willing to give you insight, they typically are unaware of what your overall mindset is and what your goals are. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing your advisors. A bad choice will confuse you and can take you away from your primary objectives.
UNF SBDC: That’s a great clarification. So tell me…what does Success Factor Workshops have coming up?
David: On June 8th from 9am til 11am we are hosting Harnessing Your Success: Tackling The Factors of Self Sabotage. On June 14th from 9:30am til Noon we are offering Map Out Your Success.  
Success Factor Workshops
7235 Bonneval Road #111
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Phone: (904) 861-0434

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