The Business of Golf

With the TPC coming to the Jacksonville area this week, it got us to thinking about the role golf can play in your business. 

Whether it’s schmoozing with prospective customers, thanking existing clients and referral sources, recruiting key employees, or developing relationships with key vendors, stepping out of the board room and onto the golf course is a great networking strategy. Make the most of the several hours you have to play eighteen holes of golf. The purpose of the golf outing should be to build a bond with your guest. Don’t launch into your sales pitch after teeing off at the first hole. Playing golf is like having a five-hour business meeting. Eventually the conversation will turn to business. There is no need to break out the PowerPoint presentation on the second tee. Perfect your “elevator speech” when you are asked about your business so you can say it while walking from the tee to the first fairway shot.

The point is to keep things simple, clear, concise and to the point. Use the time together to get to know your customer. And just as it is important to have a good follow-through after your golf swing, following up is a critical part of a networking strategy. As you step off the 18th green to the “19th hole”, be sure to set up your next meeting to make the sale –a hole in one for your business.

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