We Serve 18 Counties. Sometimes We Aren’t So Welcome.

From Citrus County right up through Nassau, the Small Business Development Center at UNF serves 18 counties in providing needed technical assistance, advice and programs to the small business community. Lot’s of people believe in us and the work we do. So much so that we have had eight funding partners helping ensure we can deliver to their communities. It looks like only seven now, as the Citrus County Commissioners have voted to no longer support our program there. Their contribution of $32,500 leverages $69, 000, which in turn paid for a full time Certified Business Analyst from the SBDC who, in a very short time, has already had an impact on the community. Read an editorial from the Chronicle called “Logic lost in SBDC Decision”.

Here are some of our accomplishments from our 2011 annual report that you may find interesting. This is for our entire 18 county service area:

Business Startups – 131
Jobs created/retained – 1234
Client sales growth – $82.5 million
Client capital formation – $14.9 million
Entrepreneurs counseled – 1703
Total counseling hours – 6889
Training events – 155
Presentation attendees – 3348

Overall, 68% of the clients we serve are existing businesses.

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