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Let the Games Begin

London businesses are about to be deluged with visitors from around the world as the Olympics kick off this month. This creates opportunities for businesses of all sizes and sectors. However, like any large event, the Games will also create challenges. You may have experienced this during Ponte Vedra’s annual hosting of The Players Championship which attracted an estimated 162,000 visitors this year. What would the impact be on your business if that jumped to 600,000 visitors (or more) which is the estimated crowd for the Olympics? Transportation would likely be disrupted, making it difficult for your employees to get to work, your suppliers to make deliveries, and your regular customers to access your location. Technology (like cell phone and internet connections) may be overloaded and crash. How would this affect your brand, image and reputation?

Business continuity planning is important for good times and bad. From a tropical storm to a major sporting event, now is the time to determine a strategy for dealing with disruptions so that your business can continue to deliver key services and products. The plan should take into account resources such as people (including employees, customers, suppliers, and creditors), premises, technology, and transportation.

The SBDC at UNF has three Certified Business Continuity Professionals on staff to help you craft a plan to stay in business – Cathy Hagan, Robert Myers. and Phil Geist.  Having a plan in place can ensure that your business can stay in the game… and go for the gold.
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