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Our Blog Just Turned Four! Five Must Have Small Business Links!

Time flies! Hard to believe that four years have zipped by since we started our UNF Small Business Blog. At the time, it all seemed so new and novel and it took us over an hour to learn how to create and publish our first post.

Now it is part of our everyday marketing along with e-newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest of the social media spectrum. Our mailing list has grown from 3,000 names to nearly 10,000 since our first post. 

Has it been worth it? Certainly. Just being able to reach that many aspiring and existing business owners is its own reward.  Our workshop enrollment jumped 33% within weeks of starting our blog. It has become an integral piece of promoting our organization to the community in a world where conventional media outlets are shrinking or disappearing. We have learned to market our people, products and services on our own and teach our clients how to do the same thing.

Nearly 400 posts and 42,000 visitors later, we hope this blog continues to be helpful to our business community.

To celebrate, we want to provide you with five links to what we feel are invaluable sites for small business owners:

U.S. Small Business Administration Training : An excellent online training portal …30 courses, 3 assessment tools, soon to come business templates and interactive tools!

Brandifybuild a robust set of tools that enables a small business to enhance its brand, reach more customers, and better engage those customers.

TrendwatchingOne of the world’s leading trend firms, trendwatching.com scans the globe for emerging consumer trends, insights and innovations. 

ZIPskinnybreaks down any zip code into almost every demographic you would need to make good marketing decisions.

Dinlytown.net: all the financial calculators a small business would ever need.

More to come and thanks for following us!

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