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Should Small Businesses Get on the Graph Search Bandwagon?

So now Facebook has come out with their own search engine (Graph Search) that lets you comb the Facebook universe (which is quite large) to see who shares your own personal interests. That in itself will be intriguing to anyone using Facebook as they can now ask questions like “Who goes to microbreweries in Florida” or “Who likes rugby in Jacksonville?”

The jury is not in on this new option yet but I think businesses should take notice and be ready to get in early.  It my not immediately help someone who makes PVC pipe, as opposed to pizza, but then again, it may help the pipe maker find landscapers and other users.

In a world where market research has become more important to a successful start-up or established business than ever, this is a welcome tool. As consultants to our clients, it is for us to prove its usefulness and not only convince them to use it but show them how to make it drive customers.

If what Facebook is telling us is true, then according to them: (You can) explore new places to eat and new bands to listen to-all through people you know. If we trust the people we know (or their taste) this could be big. Not the Yelp doesn’t do the same thing except that strangers are rating places as well. I must add that I have many close friends and acquaintances, but I do not necessarily run to every movie they like or buy a book they recommend.

Back to business. Emil Protalinski writes in The Next Web about how businesses can get their act together on Graph Search. Recommendations include making sure your “About” section on your Facebook page is completely filled out. Update your location. Make sure you know who your customer is and interact with them. It also appears that pictures are going to be important as well.

In the meantime, have fun with the beta. A Mashable article shows how they searched for
“Restaurants people who like Star Wars like” I doubt you will believe the answer.

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