New home, new husband, and new business!

“As an entrepreneur, I am thankful to have the SBDC available and encourage other small business owners to take advantage of their expertise.”

Linda Mann is a registered nurse and a licensed esthetician.  Linda is passionate about instruction in healthy living and committed to the principals of physical rejuvenation.  But, after many years as an elementary school nurse and health educator, she decided it was time to pursue owning and operating her own skin care business, Acanthus Aesthetics, LLC in New York.  Linda’s business provided appropriate products and treatments to clients to help them achieve skin care goals, whether that is maintaining healthy skin, anti-aging, acne, or other concerns. 

But, just months after Linda opened her first business, she reconnected with her college sweetheart who was living in Florida.  It didn’t take long for Linda to decide that she wanted to marry and move to Palatka to be with her new husband. 

Linda knew she wanted to open another business in her new home town in Palatka.  But, she is first a nurse, and she had many questions about how to more effectively run a business in an unfamiliar setting.  Linda decided that just like one should seek out a professional for skin care, she needed to seek out professional business direction and support in a budget-friendly way. 

“In my case, not being a business major and wanting to open my skin care business, just like one should seek out a professional for skin care, I needed to seek out professional business direction and support in a budget-friendly way,”  Linda says of her needs.

She attended a Chamber of Commerce event in which she learned of the services provided by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Palatka.  Linda made an appointment to meet with Cheryl Lynch, Certified Business Analyst, and found the guidance and support she was looking for.  She was thrilled to learn that all consulting services are provided at no-cost and there is a variety of workshops. Linda attended workshops on marketing and networking and found them very useful.  Additionally, Cheryl was able to guide Linda through the process of government licensing requirements, location selection and lease analysis, assisted with introductions to community business organizations such as the Downtown Merchants Association, and provided one on one consulting services for her business and marketing plans.

As a result of the SBDC services, Linda has gained confidence in her ability to run her new business- “Skin Retreat-located in the 300 block of St. John’s Ave, downtown Palatka”, by making adjustments to marketing strategies, setting up long and short term goals, gaining business and client contacts in the community and accomplishing the first step; opening the doors with a sense of organization and opportunity to move to the next step.  Linda’s next step is to continue to build a client base and do what she does best; provide professional skin care services. 

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