How Sticky is Your Nonprofit Organization? Top Notch Speaker Coming to UNF April 30th!

What do urban legends, conspiracy theories, public health scares and great advertising campaigns all have in common?  They stick!  Meaning they circulate effortlessly through our culture and become ideas and concepts that we remember.   Brothers, Chip and Dan Heath, wrote the book Made to Stick to try to help us understand that making a great idea into something worth remembering is possible and a good business decision.   

The Heaths analyzed extra-sticky ideas and stories to figure out why some ideas died while other ones thrived.  What they realized is that sticky ideas often share the following qualities:


Concrete Imagery

By using the SUCCESS approach, business owners can focus and target their communication to conquer the art of making ideas unforgettable. Consider making your business idea or message sticky. Make it understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thoughts or behaviors toward it and see what it does for your sales!

For more information on Made to Stick, check out this quick interview with the authors:

Dan Heath will be the keynote speaker at the 21st Annual Small Business Week Celebration on April 30that the Herbert University Center in Jacksonville, FL.  His presentation, Being Decisive: How to lead an organization that makes smart choices, will be the highlight of the annual awards ceremony attended by North Florida’s business leaders, advocates and supporters.   For more information on tickets to this prestigious event go to

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