Success is in the details

In February of 2011, Avery McKnight began attending workshops at the SBDC at UNF.  Avery had already started a small car detailing business but was looking for real growth.  Avery worked with Kevin Monahan and Paul Arrington, who are both Certified Business Analysts at the Small Business Development Center at UNF.  Working with Paul and Kevin and attending workshops helped Avery gain the skills and confidence he needed to be successful. Avery soon got his business plan together and was ready to take his business to the next level.

Avery’s business model was to go to the client to provide his service and do first-rate work. Based on the advice he got from Kevin on expanding his customer base, Avery expanded his car detailing to include truck fleets, commercial and residential power washing, car dealerships and even carpet cleaning. His work to increase his marketing paid off, and he soon had a website and a corresponding email address. Referrals increased business, and Avery now has a crew of two full-time and four part-time employees to help him with all of the new work coming in. Avery continues to meet with Kevin to ensure the company stays on track.
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