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SBDC at UNF Interview: Patricia Davis-Silver Needle and Thread

Our client Tricia Davis is passionate and skilled in creating clothing that is environmentally friendly, comfortable and stylish as well. Silver Needle and Thread is yet another innovative company out of Jacksonville, Florida. 

Tell us about your business.

Silver Needle and Thread was created about a year ago.  It is the sister company to Tag Custom Bridal the company my husband and I re-opened three years ago upon our arrival to Jacksonville. Silver Needle and Thread custom-sewn clothing has carved out a special niche in the fashion industry by sewing and designing organic and natural clothes.  We custom sew through the stages of your life to include infant, kids, wardrobe, resort, lounge/sleepwear, special occasion and home décor.  We also provide a host of unique products and services such as pattern drafting, certified color analysis (Fashion Academy), body analysis, ‘A FABULOUS YOU,” seminar (monthly), closet sweeps and public speaking.  Sewing is my passion and I love having the ability to manifest someone’s idea into a beautiful well crafted garment.
What made you fall in love with organics?

I fell in love with organics as a kid because my family owned a farm.  Everything I know from food to clothes and lifestyle was all pure, simple and organic.  Just a few years ago fabrics were described as only natural but as the organic food movement caught on so did the organic textile movement.  With more and more information surfacing about the unsafe and dangerous practices of the farming and textile industry the public is more aware and they have the buying power to demand better products…. I love that!  Organic fabric just feels good on your skin, the quality is outstanding, the texture is amazing and the color tends to evoke a greater sense of being real.  Who wouldn’t love dressing with those emotions everyday. 
Where do you see the organic clothing industry going?

I see the organic industry only becoming stronger and more prevalent in our society to the point that one day it is the only acceptable standard.  When the public understands the correlation of chemicals to the illnesses in our society they will demand only pure, natural and organic products.  Our future and the Earth is at stake here and everyone I know is looking forward to a healthier, cleaner and brighter place for their children.
Tell us something about your business that none of us know.

We sell the largest selection of organic fabric in the South East United States.  We have partnerships with over eighteen textile vendors who manufacture organic fabric and  some of those fibers are sourced right here in the United States through The Texas Organic Marketing Cooperative as well as the states of Alabama and North/South Carolina.  The number of quality natural fiber vendors is over thirty affording us a huge selection of fabrics to sew.  We also sell an excellent line of organic underwear for all members of the family.  All of our marketing materials are green certified and printed locally.  Our charity partners include ReThreaded and Hubbard House of Jacksonville. Items donated by our closet sweep clients are given directly to these non-profit organizations on their behalf.  Living, working and supporting our community is a priority for Silver Needle and Thread.

What advice would you give someone going into business today?

The advice I would give to someone considering going into business today is JUST DO IT.  Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams.  You’ve worked for someone else and help pursue their dreams now it’s time for you.  There is help.  The University of North Florida Small Business Development Center is your first stop to help steer you in the right direction.  They have the answers to all your questions and a support statement for all your fears.  They offer a variety of seminars, classes and one-on-one assistance that will inspire and empower you to do what you love.  Every great idea started small!  You have the power to make your idea the next big one.

Tell us about Closet Sweeps.

Closet Sweeps is a concept/service where my team and a fashion stylist will spend up to six hours in someone’s home going through their closet to accomplish certain key goals. Those goals include: identifying toxic fabrics, educating client on the health effects of the chemicals in your clothes, perform a color/body analysis to identify your colors and body type which allows you to make accurate shopping decisions, re-style your look with garments you keep to give them new life, provide sources to shop for quality organic clothes, re-organize closet to fit your lifestyle using sustainable and re-new able wood hangers/accessories, remove donated items and deliver to partner charities, assist with wardrobe planning to replace toxic garments and completely custom sew an organic wardrobe .  Closet sweeps provide a hands on eye-opening experience to the dangers that a lurking in your closet and may help explain some of your health concerns.  It’s also an opportunity for you to find that gray sweater you knew you had but just couldn’t find!

Contact information for Patricia Davis and Silver Needle and Thread:
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