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Inspiration for Macizo Cream

For our clients, Daniel and David, inspiration came during the trip of a lifetime.

Both fisherman and avid adventure seekers, Daniel and David met by chance during a fishing trip to Panama.  David’s previous trips to Panama lead him to discover natural remedies used by the locals for increased stamina and mood.  And Daniel, being a pharmacist, took great interest in learning more about these remedies.

Although David enjoyed the benefits of eating the local remedies, he did not enjoy the after effects on his stomach.  To counteract these after effects, Daniel devised a plan to test the remedies in a topical cream form.

After further investigation into the remedies, testing, and FDA approval; Daniel and David decided to bring the friendship into a business partnership.  Their Hormone Enhancing Cream for both males and females is available in the US.  To find out more about their product and story, you can visit their website at:

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