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Our Inventors Interview with Steve LaCross: Destiny Pro Pad

While checking out One Spark, the Jacksonville crowdsourcing festival, we ran into Steve LaCross who had a neat little invention on display. the Destiny Pro Pad. Here is our interview with him:

UNF SBDC: Tell us how you came up with the idea for the Pro Pad.

I discovered the idea while earning my Music Business degree,  a working father and a active drum tutor.  I began to realize the need for a more convenient drum practice pad. I envisioned a practice pad that that would be far more portable, playable on virtually any surface and be easy to carry and store.

 UNF SBDC: Who is your best customer for a Pro Pad?

Our initial target market was aspiring hobbyists and professional drummers but quickly found after going to market that there was an essential need outside of that.  We found the need for a simple and cost effective tool for musical education in our schools. 

UNF SBDC: How are you letting the world know you have this available?

The most effective way we have found is attending educational conferences, trade shows and face to face presentations. 

UNF SBDC: What advice do you have for someone who invented something and wants to get it made and marketed?

Become known as an expert in the field, community advocacy, and remain connected and involved at local events in your area.

UNF SBDC: Have any famous drummers used the Pro Pad?

Yes several.  We are currently endorsed by Ulysses Owens Jr. who is a multi Grammy award winner, Cody Hanson who is the drummer for the popular rock band Hinder and Tony Steve who is an international percussionist and accomplished composer. 

 UNF SBDC Where can someone buy a Pro Pad in Northeast Florida?

On the website: www.destinypropad.com, Clark Music Center, Nice Music, Rhapsody Music, Guitar Center, Ronan School of Music and Jacksonville School of Music.

Additionally, we are currently involved in the non-profit organization locally with Community in Schools.   

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