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JumpXtreme: Taking Your Event to New Heights!

 Tiffany Chapin has been a small business owner for many years. Recently she has decided to go into the excitement business. She made the leap and invested in an amazing free fall stunt jumping device that lets almost anyone experience something new and different.

At the FSBDC at UNF, we are going to be helping her get the word out about JumpXtreme. There is nothing like this in any part of North Florida! We are looking forward to trying this very soon. We caught up with Tiffany who is clearly passionate about her new business.

1.    How did you get into this business?

I’ve been involved in the family entertainment business now for almost 3 years.  My friend has owned and operated multiple family entertainment facilities for the past 5 years.  I have a close working relationship with an international franchise in the family entrainment business as well.  Over the last few years I have worked to develop knowledge and capabilities in this field.  I’ve been researching this product for 2 years now and decided now is the right time to make the investment.  I have the experience, knowledge and client base to facilitate generating business.
2.    Describe how this works…what the experience of climbing and jumping like?

Ever wonder what it feels like to jump out of a plane or free fall from a building like in the movies?  We have the best of both worlds.  Our free falling experience of a lifetime, combined with our super safe, patented air bag! 
JumpXtreme’s Stunt Jump gives you the adrenaline rush of free falling through the air like a Hollywood stuntman. 

3.    Who’s the customer for this?

All ages!  The only person that can’t do this is a person with a physical handicap that would preclude their jumping.
4.    Where can we expect to see this?

Anywhere and everywhere!!!
All we need is a space that is at least 30’ x 55’.
We are targeting a wide range of events that include:

Private Parties

Corporate Events
Spring Break Events
Trade Shows
Team Building Activities
Block Parties
Vacation Bible Schools
Reunions / Family Picnics
Holiday Parties
Company Picnics
College Events
End of Season Sport Parties
Fund Raisers
Church Festivals
School PTA Fund Raisers
School Carnivals
End of School Year Parties
Fairs & Carnivals

Business Promos  

Grand Openings
You can imagine that this would be a show stopper at almost and event you can think of.

5.   How would someone contact you for more information and bookings?
(407) 416-7985

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