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Our Interview with WickedSmart- Matching You with Jobs and Paid Internships!

Our client Matthew David of WickedSmart stopped by to talk to us right before Christmas. He is very busy promoting a more than clever business concept that helps people get paid internships and entry level jobs.

How did you come up with the idea?

53% of college students either can’t find a job after college, or feel like they have to take a job that they’re overqualified for, just to pay the bills. Students struggle to connect with companies where they can build their careers. We wanted to simplify the entire college-to-career transition. So we created WickedSmart, which is a web-based platform that matches students and recent grads to meaningful, paid internships and entry-level jobs.

What makes you different than anybody else?

WickedSmart gets companies to motivated, vetted students and recent graduates quickly. We market your company to our student population and facilitate getting the right candidates in front of you as quickly as possible.

How does WickedSmart help Students?

We actively match students and market them to companies for positions that are a great fit for both the employer and the students as they start to build their careers. Most job board sites are filled with the same jobs and you submit your résumé to a black box. In WickedSmart you can start a conversation with an employer.

How does a company get involved?

Companies can sign up at for $99 a month. (WickedSmart is free for students.) The monthly fee includes unlimited job postings, unlimited access to the WickedSmart community and unlimited “connect requests.” For the next year, Jacksonville companies’ first year of service will also be free. You can also email me at and I will help you find your new hire.

What kind of students are you looking for?

We welcome students from any degree of study and any area of interest. In Jacksonville right now, WickedSmart employers are looking primarily for interns and entry-level candidates who’ve studied graphic design, web development, marketing and business. However, we have new companies joining the community regularly, both here in Jacksonville, and across the country.

What would you do differently if you started WickedSmart today?

We would have had a larger presence at OneSpark last year and would have launched with more local publicity. However in the time since WickedSmart has started we have built a product that we are proud of and are excited to help Jacksonville companies find WickedSmart new hires!

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