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Businesses We Love: Gavotte School of Music

Showing even more love to some SBDC clients….
It was February of 2014 when Kimberley Hunt came in to talk to SBDC consultant Kevin Monahan about opening a music school in Ponte Vedra. Initially, Kimberley sought help with finalizing her business plan so that she could submit it to a lender in hopes of receiving a business loan.
Financing a new business can be a challenge for most start ups, conventional funding seemed unlikely, but finishing a plan made sense on a lot of levels including providing a road map for creating the school, testing the viability of Kimberley’s ideas and a tool to use with potential investors while tightening up her required start up budget.
The plan came out very well and Kevin provided demographic research that reinforced her idea that the area could support a music school.  Kimberley was so determined to do this that she negotiated for space and did most of the leasehold improvements herself. She monitored her expenses very carefully throughout the opening phase.
Gavotte School of Music
Her biggest worry was getting enough students on board early to ensure sufficient cash flow. She went to local schools and networked within the community to create visibility and credibility for what was now the Gavotte School of Music. A gavotte is a French folk dance. 
Kevin submitted her business for consideration as a project for a UNF graduate class in social media, and a team of students worked with Kimberley at no cost to create a workable plan for Gavotte.
Kimberley had a successful grand opening and is currently ahead of projections for students of the school. She has a very talented cadre of independent musicians teaching at Gavotte which has enhanced the school’s reputation.

Her website is attractive and she has a number of great testimonials on her site.
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