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Our SBDC Interview With Lequita Brooks, LCN Enterprises

Tell us about your business: Lequita Brooks SBDC Questionnaire PhotoLCN Enterprise, LLC is a human capital management consulting firm that incorporates education and career coaching to improve the workforce. We invest in individuals to have fulfilling lives by helping them accomplish their career goals. To us a fulfilling career contributes to one’s overall happiness in life. We offer services that align with our Vision in corporate settings, schools, and in the community. We implement a holistic approach to services rendered with every client served. All of our programs; i.e. D.R.E.A.M. B.I.G. Seminars©, Career Planning Workshops, Employee Morale Workshops, Employee Morale Themed Programs, and Career Counseling Concierge Services are customized to specifically address the concerns of every client individually. Beyond customizing our programs, we implement a unique approach to service delivery by using a variety of works of Art. We implement Poetry Therapy strategies to offer a fun-relaxed environment using Poems, Quotes, Stories, Video Clips, Screen Plays, and Song Lyrics to start the discussion, further engage our clients, and the works of art can also be used as a tool to provide ongoing motivation to change.

Why did I start this business: As the founder of the company, there was a need for customized ongoing intensive career planning initiatives in High Schools. From personal experiences the lack of career planning in high schools can negatively impact our society and cause unnecessary stress to young Adults while they are trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be. We need our students to become confident, self-sufficient young adults with direction for their life. With exposure, our students can start identifying their strengths and exploring careers complimentary to their innate abilities while they are still in high school. So many adults still say, “One day when I grow up I want to be…” Our students have an opportunity to be proactive in working towards their career goals now versus trying to figure things out when they are adults. Since the initial founding of our company, our services have expanded from working with High School students to also providing services to adults in the community and in corporate settings. Everyone loves music. It is a commonality we all share universally. The idea of combining Career Planning and Poetry Therapy was birth from participating in a Poetry Therapy class at FSU with Dr. Mazza.  The best of both worlds, fun and educational!

Background: Lequita Brooks received her Master of Social Work degree from FSU and a Bachelor of Science degree from UCF. She is passionate about being a Social Worker. Over the past fours, she has practiced Social Work in Hospice, with the Homeless Population, and now with High School students. She began offering Career Planning Poetry Therapy groups in 2013 at William M. Raines High School. She is very passionate about individuals maximizing their innate abilities in selecting a career to become self-sufficient and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Tell Us about the Results: 120 students at William M. Raines High School have started thinking about their career goals because of our efforts. The first step is increasing awareness and now we’re in the process of collecting data to determine the impact of our services. Thus far, we’ve received positive feedback from the students. We are really looking forward to expanding the program in the upcoming school year. We will keep you up to date on our blog, www.dreambigmovement.us.

Contact information:

LCN Enterprise, LLC

221 N. Hogan St. #365

Jacksonville, FL 32202


Website: www.lcnenterpise.com

Email: info@lcnenterprise.com

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