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Rewire Your Leadership Skills With Linda Davis O’Connell at Our 9/18 Nonprofit Conference!

We could not be happier that none other than Linda Davis O’Connell will be facilitating an intriguing breakout session at our 5th Annual UNF Nonprofit Management Conference. Here is a preview:

What’s Out? The Employee. What’s In? The Intrapreneur!
And this important, new trend is here to stay. With leaders and professionals already working harder, it’s an organization’s ability to work “smarter” that makes a BIG difference in working with limited resources. Second nature to the entrepreneur, innovation and ownership are now critical competencies inside organizations. Today’s effective leaders must take on a new mindset, one that moves past sluggish bureaucracy to a more empowered, innovative and positively energizing entrepreneurial culture.
It all starts with you. In this jam-packed session you will learn to think more intrepreneurally by making new mental connections and by learning to apply the creative energy and perspective of an entrepreneur to your job. With these new insights you can infuse staff development initiatives with cool, game changing and practical concepts that address critical organizational problems such as engagement, talent retention, morale and productivity.
You will leave this session prepared to:

  • Rewire how you think about your role as a leader
  • Infuse your thoughts and actions with intreprenrual spirit and thinking
  • Take powerful bold actions that exponentially increase your value to the organization
  • Build your own development initiatives that teach everyone to become intrepreneurs
Linda Davis O’Connell is the owner of Learnologie,a company providing learning and development solutions to improve the effectiveness, productivity, engagement and job satisfaction of leaders and professionals. She has her Masters in Human Resources Management along with 25 years in the trenches serving in IT and Financial Services organizations as Recruiting Manager, Human Resources Manager and Director of Learning and Development.  She is known for her groundbreaking and acutely relevant programs that address the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century workplace.  Linda is an international conference presenter and a frequent professional association speaker, engaging her audience with energy, storytelling and humor. 

Click here to register for the September 18th UNF Nonprofit Management Conference.


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