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Finding Love at work…

candy hearts with love your business on themNo, I’m not usurping the role of the “other Dr. Phil” and discussing personal relationships in the workplace. LOVE is an acronym for Leadership, Organization, Value, and Experiential Learning. If you create LOVE in your business, your employees will enjoy working for you, your customers will appreciate the interaction they have with your business, and the greater community will recognize the contribution your business makes to their neighborhood. Let’s examine each of the components of LOVE; Leadership, Organization, Value, and Experiential Learning in detail and see how they can work in your business.

Leadership can be defined in numerous ways, but most definitions include aspects of being a visionary, decision maker, coach, and supervisor. Leadership can be focused both internally and externally to the business or organization. Internal leadership comprises the activities that make the day-to-day operation of the business function. As a visionary, the leader creates the mission that drives what the business will do. Being decisive prevents the business from floundering and assures customers, employees, and vendors that issues will be dealt with as they occur. The right mix of coaching and supervising will train employees and build their skills and confidence in handling new situations. Collectively, these activities will create a business that has a sense of purpose, knows what direction it is headed in, and functions effectively and efficiently.  Continue reading:

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