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Wheels of Industry, Tires, and the Right Interface…

rows of tiresA mishap with my car got me thinking about wheels and tires last night. The “Wheels of Industry” is a phrase first used and written down, according to oxforddictionaries.com, in the mid 1700’s by William Wilke, a Church of Scotland minister who used it in one of his sermons. It occurred to me that wheels need the correct tires to work effectively, and that tires can be used in a business analogy.

Last night on the way home, I ran over a bolt in the road that impaled itself in my tire. When I went to get the tire repaired I was told that due to the location near the sidewall, the tire was unrepairable. Murphy was of course on hand so my size tire was not in stock and needed to be ordered from the warehouse, and my spare was installed so I could drive while awaiting the new tire. As the spare was not the same size as the tire it replaced, I was cautioned to limit my speed and to expect the car to handle a bit differently. The correct tire is needed for the car to perform well.

As an entrepreneur, your business is the vehicle that provides you with a means of making a living and accumulating wealth. If it performs well, it can provide long-term financial security and independence for you and future generations. From a macro-economic point of view, it can provide employment and capital investment which will contribute to the economic viability and well-being of the community.

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