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Nobody Does It Better

Business For Sale signHave you been a customer in businesses where you noticed obvious inefficiencies or missed market opportunities? If you are among the millions of current or previously employed workers who have considered entrepreneurship as a means of independence, job security, and a way to build wealth; then buying an existing business and improving its performance may be a route to business ownership for you.

“Nobody Does It Better” is the ballad composed by Marvin Hamlisch with lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager and recorded by Carly Simon as the theme song for the 1977 James Bond movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Its sentiment applies to entrepreneurs as well, especially those who can outperform the current business owners. Have you been a customer at a business where you thought, “I could do better than that!” If so, you may have identified a candidate business to purchase.

You should of course, never purchase a business you don’t understand, so I am making the assumption that if you ‘see a better way of doing things,’ that you understand the business. There are a number of factors important to identifying potential businesses to purchase, but the most important is successful experience in the type of business being bought. That’s because it provides the buyer with knowledge of how to solve them.  Continue reading here.

Speaking of Business Blog by Dr. Philip R. Geist, Area Director, Florida SBDC at UNF

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