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The Importance of Good Bookkeeping and Showing a Profit

More often than not, when I try to help a small business with various issues, I get stymied.  Why?  Because the business owner thinks they can keep the books themselves, or they do not keep records.  Without good business data, a business owner (or consultant) cannot make good business decisions.  Good business decisions are made […]

Get Your Tax Questions Answered By Experts Feb. 5th!

Breakfast with the Experts | Accounting Ask experts from the Small Business Resource Network your accounting, tax and finance questions in a relaxed setting for quick and accurate answers and save the hourly rate!The kick-off session of the Breakfast with the Experts Series is just what your business needs to make sure you’re on the […]

Tax Time! IRS Small Business Deductions You Need To Be Aware Of!

Tiare Rath is a freelance journalist and a former personal finance columnist for In an article for, She outlines some key deductions you need to be aware of for your 2008 return. This article is in no way intended to replace good professional tax advice. There my be more deductions than this list […]

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