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Business Plans

Survival to Successful in 10 Steps

Although the economy is recovering from the effects of Covid-19, it is doing so faster in some sectors than others. While many businesses are on the rebound, some business owners tell me they are still just surviving, earning enough to meet expenses but not generating a profit. If you are in that predicament, here are […]

Recession-Proof Business Planning

A strong economy can mask underlying problems at a small business. When the next recession hits — and historically speaking, it’s already overdue — will your business be healthy enough to not only survive, but possibly even thrive? It can be — but only if you have the right plan in place. Be Ready When […]

Business Planning: Navigating the Early Stages of Business Growth

Small-businesses and start-ups range widely in their problems, patterns, and journey, and categorizing those experiences in a meaningful and useful way can be challenging. Yet, despite the uniqueness of their process, almost all entrepreneurs share a similar set of responsibilities. While timeframes, product complexity, organizational structures, and strategic goals vary, every entrepreneur faces at least […]

Get you business plan together!

Business Plan Basics No matter how large or small, all businesses must have a business plan. This introductory workshop will explain and illustrate the business plan format as well as provide an overview of the contents of a good business plan and how it becomes the roadmap to success. November 30th, 2010 – 06:00 pm […]

Cash Flow: The Life Blood of Small Business

Nice article in yesterdays Tulsa World talking about how important the cash flow statement is to bankers who are reviewing small business loan applicants and their business plans. When we are reviewing business plans and coaching a client who will be presenting their plan to a bank for consideration, we make sure the client understands […]

Small Businesss Link of the Week: Melissa Data

Melissa Data is an information delivery service company that provides cost effective data solutions, helping businesses increase their revenue revenue. Some of the innovative products this company offers include list services, direct mail operations, data cleansing, mailing software, list services, address management tools and high quality up to date, sales leads and mailing lists. Melissa […]

Smart Businesses are Planning for Rebound, Staying Ahead of Competition.

Joyce M. Rosenberg writes in this Associated Press article, that visionary small businesses are preparing now for the turnaround and will be poised to take advantage of new growth while their competition only slowly awakens.  If you don’t have a plan, you need to create one. If you have a plan, it probably needs updating. […]

Reasons for a Business Plan

A business plan is the cornerstone of starting a business as well as a significant tool for monitoring the progress and growth of your existing company. Below are 11 key reasons why you should have a business plan.1. To Attract Investors. Before investors can decide whether or not to back your business financially, they will […]

Need a Business Plan? Consider Pitch Then Plan.

  Many of our clients come in asking about business plans. There are many reasons they are doing this. Sometimes it is because they realize they need to get their idea out of their head and on to paper. Other clients want a business plan because they talked to a bank and realized that they […]

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