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Survival to Successful in 10 Steps

Although the economy is recovering from the effects of Covid-19, it is doing so faster in some sectors than others. While many businesses are on the rebound, some business owners tell me they are still just surviving, earning enough to meet expenses but not generating a profit. If you are in that predicament, here are […]

The Importance of Good Bookkeeping and Showing a Profit

More often than not, when I try to help a small business with various issues, I get stymied.  Why?  Because the business owner thinks they can keep the books themselves, or they do not keep records.  Without good business data, a business owner (or consultant) cannot make good business decisions.  Good business decisions are made […]

The Key to Business Success? Understanding the Numbers!

Regardless of whether you’ve been in business for years or just starting up, having accurate financial statements – and understanding what the numbers are telling you – is a must for sustained growth and success.   Accurate financials are essential for determining any of the following: Financing readiness.  Any serious commercial lender or potential investor will demand a credible […]

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