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How to Tune Up Your Business?

Overview Everything we own requires maintenance at some point in its life, something we often forget to provide, leading to an early failure of the item. Fortunately, our cars have warning lights to remind us of basic necessities like “low fuel,” safety issues like “tire pressure low,” and convenience items like “windshield washer fluid low.” […]

How to Choose your Customer?

Overview Most business owners choose the location for their business carefully. For retail businesses good store visibility and easy access and parking in high traffic areas is paramount. Service businesses seek locations central to the geographic area they serve, with good road access and reasonable rents. Employees are chosen from the field of applicants as […]

Creating More Profits by Firing Your Customer

By Richard Balog, CPA  Our studies show that about 80% of a company’s current customer base generates about 130% of the current level of profitability. This finding means the remaining 20% cost more to maintain and service than the revenues they generate. The ability to identify which customers are truly profit-generators and which aren’t becomes […]

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