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Should Small Businesses Get on the Graph Search Bandwagon?

So now Facebook has come out with their own search engine (Graph Search) that lets you comb the Facebook universe (which is quite large) to see who shares your own personal interests. That in itself will be intriguing to anyone using Facebook as they can now ask questions like “Who goes to microbreweries in Florida” […]

Free social media workshop! January 18th, 2011

Social Media Marketing Strategy Made Simple! Not sure how (or why) to incorporate social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Linked-In) into your marketing strategy? This session is for you! We’ll review:-Why use social media marketing to promote your organization-What are the differences between FaceBook, Twitter and Linked-In, and which ones are best for you.-How to come up […]

Almost half the nation’s Internet users now take part in online social networks. Attend our workshop June 26th

Mark Harden, who writes for Bizjournals notes that almost half the nation’s Internet users now take part in online social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, almost twice the rate of a year ago, The Conference Board reported Tuesday. Of Web users, 43 percent use a social networking Web site, up from 27 percent […]

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