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Get to Know Our Client: ClaimMedic, An Experienced Medical Advocate

What made you think of being a medical billing advocate? After over 25 years in medical practice management I knew that most patients don’t truly understand their medical benefits and what their insurance actually covers. When I became a caregiver for my husband’s parents many years ago I also learned that medical facilities make frequent […]

Affordable Care Act – A Human Resources Consultant’s Perspective

Quite a few years ago, I was working with a few clients during their annual healthcare coverage negotiations.  These companies paid between 75% and 100% of the premium for single coverage and between 50% and 75% for family coverage for their employees.  They treated them well.  When the all insurance companies came in with between […]

Cash in on healthcare legislation

   Is YOUR business positioned to take advantage of the newly defined healthcare industry? In the 1980s a new historic legislation favoring retirement investing helped propel Fidelity to an organization that has more than $1 trillion dollars under management today. The same economic effect is expected as a result of healthcare reform.  Historic legislation is always […]

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