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Mark Yarick

Don’t Forget the Third Sector

Nonprofits, Non-government organizations, charitable organizations.  All of these are names for business organizations that serve a special public purpose and enjoy special treatment under the law.  Even though these corporations are called “non-profit” and cannot be designed primarily for profit-making, they should operate using sound business principles and ensure that their expenditures do not exceed […]

Who is your Target Market?

One subject that always seems to come up when working with small businesses and business start-ups is the target market.  The identification of the target market is one of the most important exercises for the business owner.  The target market drives many other business decisions and the lack of target market identification can lead to […]

Small Business Facts and Figures

A business starts with an idea.  The idea concerns a product or service that can be sold to a consumer.  The good ideas make the life of the customer easier, better or allow him/her to do new things.  The Small Business Administration defines a small business as an enterprise having fewer than 500 employees.  There […]

The Cost of Growth

Business owners are often confronted with the opportunity and/or desire to expand and grow their businesses.  It might be as simple as hiring a new employee, or as complicated as adding a second location.  We see establishments in town investing in new buildings and façade upgrades.  Correctly calculating the cost of growth is the most […]

New FSBDC office in Suwannee County

The Florida Small Business Development Center at the University of North Florida (FSBDC at UNF) is pleased to announce the opening of a new full-service FSBDC office in Suwannee County.  Located in the Suwannee County Chamber of Commerce in Live Oak, the new FSBDC office will provide one-on-one consulting, training and information to help business […]

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