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Small Business Networking

Are You Ready to Start and Manage a Small Business?

Are you ready to start and manage your own small business?  Increasingly the average person is thinking that they are indeed ready to try.  That’s great because you do not need a Ph.D. in Business nor a Masters’ degree or a college degree to do well in business.  Many highly successful businesspeople either did not […]

Small Business: Summer Checkup for Profitability

Sound advice from Joyce M. Rosenberg in this recent Associated Press article. Many of our clients are assessing their financial situation and taking a mid-year look at the bottom line. But what about networking? That is worth some analysis as well. We advise clients to reach out to current and former clients. Recently a business […]

Learn to Network Your Small Business!

“Turning Networking Opportunities into $$$” Do you make the most of every networking opportunity? Do you have effective strategies for face to face meetings? How do you best convey the purpose and value of your business? How do you turn each networking opportunity into cash? If you’re having trouble answering these simple questions about networking […]

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