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Two tips to effectively design your “Value Proposition”

What is a value proposition? A value proposition is the product or service promise companies give to customers in exchange for monetary value. It can also be marketed as a competitive advantage. The competitive advantage is the product or service that a business produces better or more cost-effective than competitors. Two tips for designing an […]

Start your own business!

Thinking of starting your own business? This workshop will give you an overview of the seven basic requirements for business STARTUP: selecting an idea, testing the market, acquiring capital, writing a plan, turning for help, understanding legal requirements, and putting it all together. Registration fee includes a start-up kit for Duval and surrounding counties. Registration: […]

Startup’s looking to sources other than banks for funding

A recent USA Today article discusses people using their 401K’s to finance their new business. This has always been an option some people have used, but with the paralysis of local banks courting start up enterprises, 401k’s have become an even more important and frequently used option. Along with finding an investor, borrowing from relatives, […]

A Cautionary Small Business Tale

Great CNN article submitted by Marti Benedetti called “How to lose money fast:Open a Business.” Many people go into business with an overly optimistic attitude and little or no preparation. Some start up business owners avoid seeking technical assistance or counselingcounsel as they do not want to hear that there may be something wrong with […]

Upcoming Small Business Workshops at the UNF University Center

The Small Business Start-Up Series features workshops that are designed to help new or future small business owners get started on the right foot. Attend at least four workshops in the series and receive a registration discount and a certificate of completion. Upcoming workshops include: How to STARTUP Your Own Business – August 21, 9:00 […]

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