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USA Today

Why small banks are not lending

We had been hearing that banks were not lending because they are under very tight government scrutiny. That seems to be the case based on a great article from USA Today called “Small banks say they can’t win in small-business lending”. According to the article, while Washington continues to urge banks to lend, Bank examiners […]

Startup’s looking to sources other than banks for funding

A recent USA Today article discusses people using their 401K’s to finance their new business. This has always been an option some people have used, but with the paralysis of local banks courting start up enterprises, 401k’s have become an even more important and frequently used option. Along with finding an investor, borrowing from relatives, […]

Small Business Partnerships

  At the SBDC, we frequently find that partners run into disagreements with each other at one time or another. We strongly recommend a partnership agreement early in the relationship that spells everything out. A good partnership clearly states ownership percentages, how salaries and withdrawals will be handled, what happens when one partner wants out, […]

New Small Business Sales Tactic:Giving it Away!

Times are hard and with sales down and customers not buying, how does one maintain the business relationship? This USA Today article describes how some small businesses are giving away goods and services to maintain customer loyalty. This is happening in Northeast Florida as well. Get the story here.

USA Today:MBA Grads Create Their Own Jobs by Launching Firms

New hiring is down dramatically, and new grads are in the fiercest competition for jobs since the late 70’s. This USA Today article discusses the entrepreneurial attitude of thes grads in the wake of a down economy. Here at the SBDC, we are getting local grads from JU and UNF (as well others), who seek to create […]

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