Entrepreneurial DNA

In his book, Entrepreneurial DNA, Joe Abraham identifies four different types of entrepreneurs and describes the decision drivers for each type. This information gives a fresh insight to business ownership. Not all entrepreneurs are created equal. Each business owner is as unique as the enterprises he pilots. An owner may be better served identifying his strengths and building a team to supplement his deficiencies rather than struggling to develop certain traits he doesn’t possess.

The four categories of entrepreneurs are:

  • Builder
  • Opportunist
  • Specialist
  • Innovator

The Builder is driven by scale. He wants to grow a business. If the business is not growing and has no potential for growth, he will become bored and start looking for new opportunities.

The Opportunist is driven by quick profit and turnover. He is often characterized by frequent deal making. An Opportunist does well in sales intensive enterprises.

The Specialist is concerned with consistent, predictable income and reputation. He does not like any risk that will put income and reputation in jeopardy. In many cases, he will choose to protect his reputation – even if it costs him financially.

The Innovator is driven by “The Mission.” The Innovator’s mission is often an altruistic motivation that led him to developing his product. Without a complementary team around him, or the presence of other DNA types within, the Innovator would spend his time continually refining and revising his product and the enterprise would fail.

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