Tips For Hiring An Employee

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Tips For Hiring An Employee

Whether you are hiring your first employee or you have hired many, finding the person that is a good fit for your position and your company is crucial for your long term success.

In order to accomplish this goal there are vital components of the hiring process you must consider:

  • Start with Basics: Establish a Benchmark for the position. To do this, you ask the question, “If the job could talk what would it say it needs in the way of knowledge, personal skills, hard skills, and behaviors that are necessary for superior performance?” Measure all candidates against this benchmark. This helps you to eliminate bias.
  • Establish a Hiring Process: In order to treat every candidate fairly, you want to establish a hiring process. Have each candidate go through a consistently applied hiring process from completing a job application to bringing your new employee on board.
  • Culture: The culture of your company is based on the values and the beliefs and the behaviors related to them. As the employer you must be able to clearly articulate your company’s culture to the candidate. Selecting for fit will help determine which candidates are truly inspired and motivated to help you facilitate the vision and mission of your organization. Ironically, we hire for skill and fire for attitude. Firing for attitude typically is when someone is not a match for your organization’s culture.
  • Motivation: Look for applicants with employment goals. What are their aspirations, goals, dreams? How do they envision helping forward your organization’s mission?
  • Collaboration: How will they get along with your team? If you are a team of one, how will they complement your skill set? If you are hiring them into an existing team, what talent do they bring to the table that is unique that will enhance the success of your company? How will they work with your established clients, partners and vendors?
  • Dedication: If you are looking for a candidate that is willing to go the distance with you, what past experiences has the candidate demonstrated that shows you their dedication and commitment?

To ensure you hire the best candidate that is the best fit for your organization stick to your organization’s evaluation process for each of the job candidate.

Whether you are hiring your first employee or have hired hundred before, it is crucial to consider these top tips of hiring applicants. If you are a small business owner who has no background or experiences difficulty hiring your workforce, you can seek advice, training as well as information from a reliable provider such as Small Business Development Centers to start, grow and profit in the marketplace.

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