Solo to Scale: Grow Your Business by Thinking Like a CEO

Are you a solopreneur who is working more and more hours but not getting ahead financially? It could be that you are focusing most of your effort on your craft or skill and not focusing enough on running your business. It is always important to remember that the skill set required to run a business can be very different than what your primary skill set might be.
Join us for a one-hour workshop where you will get a better understanding of what CEOs of big corporations focus on and how you can do so to truly create a successful business, not just a job for yourself.

Attendees will…
1. Understand what key metrics you must monitor to be an effective CEO of your company
2. Learn the areas of focus that are critical to plan, manage and track in all businesses, large or small
3. Come away with specific tactics that you can use to help you better understand and manage key “bio markers” of your business

Seating is limited - pre-registration is required!




Pre-registration is required


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