Nonprofit Assistance

FSDBC at UNF professionally certified consultants are available to provide assistance during every phase of your nonprofit mission.

One-on-One Consulting

Our consultants utilize their educational and business experience to provide practical, relevant and useful advice that can help your organization find necessary solutions to everyday business problems. Through confidential business consulting, the FSBDC provides assistance in areas such as improved marketing strategies, analyzing finances and providing what-if financial scenarios, helping create processes to improve performance in most operational areas. Specialized services are available in continuity planning, disaster planning, not-for-profit entity health and mission-critical problem solving. Consulting services are offered at no cost to the nonprofit agency. Contact the SBDC to make a confidential consulting appointment.

Nonprofit Training

The FSBDC at UNF offers training to help non-profit organizations develop their abilities to produce results in their community. All classes are facilitated by qualified instructors from the SBDC at UNF, public sector organizations, and other experts in their field.

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