Choosing A Professional

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Choosing A Professional

The small business owner is often portrayed as a superman wearing many different hats. While it is true that business owners must function in many different milieus and be knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, the most successful entrepreneurs spend the most of their time doing what they do best. They are able to do this by forming a competent and reliable team around them to take care of business related issues that are not in the owner’s area of expertise.

The Small Business Resource Network

Many owners of small businesses have specific legal, financial and insurance questions that go unanswered, and not just at start-up or time of expansion. Day-to-day operations of a small to medium-sized business encounter many challenges. This is why the Small Business Development Centers at universities around the state have joined together to sponsor the Small Business Resource Network (SBRN).

Designed especially for the small business person, the SBRN answers basic questions and is easy to use. These groups have been brought together to streamline the process of finding and utilizing professional resources. These participating, qualified professionals are experts in banking, law, accounting, insurance, commercial real estate, human resources, marketing, buying and selling a business, computers/technology, and a wide variety of other management issues relevant to small businesses.

SBRN members have met the criteria of their peers and specifically want to help you, the small business owner, handle almost any business situation.

You have a comprehensive source of business information that you can use every day.
Now you can focus on what you do best – RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.


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