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In assessing your company’s insurance needs you ought to consider the following types of coverage:

Workers’ Compensation: Virtually a must depending on the state you do business in or the number of employees.  Also, as an owner, you should not neglect to cover yourself since premiums for owners are relatively affordable.

Property Insurance: Protects buildings, contents, equipment, furnishings and inventory.

General Liability: Companies with premises in which people enter or have a product or service that can harm a person’s health, reputation or finances should have this type of coverage.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: This insurance may be applied to any vehicle your company owns, rents, leases or simply uses. Experts highly recommend this since there is a high risk for bodily injury and / or property damage.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance: This relative new insurance product and highly recommended since it protects you and the company from employee lawsuits.

Business Interruption Insurance: This insurance product will help replace income and pay recurring expenses and rebuilding costs in case of catastrophic loss due to an “Act of God” such as hurricanes, fires, oil spills, etc.

A licensed and reputable commercial insurance broker can create an assessment tailored to fit your business needs.

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