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Success Story


1-800-BOARDUP, Inc.

I’m so impressed by the quality of the programs offered and the professionalism of the staff. Our business has changed for the positive thanks to the SBDC. They provided us tools that we use daily.

With over a decade and a half of experience, 1-800-BOARDUP is a values- focused organization that provides comprehensive recovery services to fire victims in need. Found at over 100 independently owned franchise locations across the US and Canada, they are the largest franchise company that specializes in emergency response services for disasters.

So no one knows better than Beth Toenies, President of 1-800-BOARDUP, and Michael Hosto, Founder/Director of Culture and Leadership, how important the right people are for creating change in communities and assisting those in need. Employing over 20 corporate team members to support their franchise locations, it was important to the duo to have a unified team – particularly as many new team members joined the organization and nearly a third of everyone worked remotely across the nation.

“I wanted to make us stronger as a team. Our staff theme for the year is “Strength through Unity,” and we needed help. I could see that our local and remote teams were having difficulty getting to know each other well on a deeper basis, and I believe that understanding is one of the first layers of a good working foundation. We are an organization that prides ourselves on creating a great culture where players can thrive.”
Beth turned to the Florida SBDC where she met consultants Kaitlyn Saavedra and Clare Dreyer, both Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts and Certified Professional Driving Forces Analysts. The Florida SBDC team worked with the executives and team members to assess individual behaviors and motivators utilizing DISC and Driving Forces Assessments. With this information, the consultants conducted an informational team debrief and facilitated several leadership and department meetings to brainstorm best implementation strategies for moving forward. Part of the solution was to create a Communication Agreement Checklist that shares everyone’s “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for communicating with each other. It was really about taking a strong team and accelerating them to the next level.

As Beth explains, “We were able to get to know the better ways to communicate with each other, which in turn helped prevent further conflict and induced a better understanding among all team members.”

Since working with the Florida SBDC consultants, the 1-800-BOARDUP team has weathered a hurricane and hosted their international conference with success. Beth reports the team is truly more unified and communicative. They continue to work on team building activities together, including stress-relieving yoga classes and assessment report sharing during department meetings.

1-800-BOARDUP, Inc.Beth Toenies

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