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Juan Giron and Tom Goldner in front of the building of Alien Engineered Products in Ocala FL

Alien Engineered Products

It has been a pleasure to be able to network with SBDC throughout the years. It has been a resource that I have leaned on when the need arises. It is comforting to have Tom Goldner as a resource – he is always looking to share his real-world business experience and background in a mentoring capacity

Juan Giron is the majority owner of Alien Engineered Products (AEP). Jason Shinham and Juan joined AEP in April 2014, six months after Tim Reynolds founded the company with the help of angel investors. In 2018, Juan bought out Tim Reynolds and the angel investors and began pivoting the business. AEP fabricates custom engineered-to-order OEM sub-assemblies primarily involving pressure vessels and piping systems. The engineering and welding expertise required for these products creates a barrier to entry for most fabrication companies, and Juan and his team have built an ever-growing client base of repeat customers in the fields of energy, petrochemical, dehydration, and food & beverage industries.

Juan has built a talented team that began with two employees at the point of restructuring in 2018 to eight current employees. This team has grown its annual sales by over 200% from a level of $817,000k in 2019 to expect sales of $2,500,000 in 2022. This continued growth has led Juan to purchase a new facility and property in Anthony, FL in early 2022. After fitting this new facility, he has moved his manufacturing operations out of a leased facility in Ocala to the new building effective August 15, 2022. The remaining operations and support functions will be relocated to the new facility by September. Juan has been active in the past in the MRMA organization and as a participant in the CEP board to frame high school curriculum needs for business. Juan has goals to impact the Anthony business community by raising awareness and developing opportunities in that area through his operations in its new location.

Juan and AEP have been working with the SBDC for several years and multiple consultants. Juan attended an SBDC government contracting seminar in Jacksonville in 2017 and an SBDC-supported Fanuc Robotics laboratory in 2021. The SBDC has worked with Alien Engineered Products to develop and focus marketing efforts to grow into new markets and on staffing, operations and sourcing needs to support

Alien Engineered ProductsJuan Giron

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