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Eckert & Associates

Through the power of the SBDC, we have had the opportunity to work with many quality professionals.

What is the mission of the law firm of Eckert & Associates, P.A.?
To positively influence the transportation industry with first-class claims services; recovering significant dollars for clients through our perseverance, knowledge, and integrity.

How did you come up with the idea/need for Eckert & Associates’ services?
We were primarily handling claims for transportation insurance companies. We noticed their owner-operator insureds needed assistance on their downtime claims – no other firm was handling these claims nationwide.

What has been your greatest business achievement in your business?
Helping the underdog! We’ve been able to help thousands of owner-operator truck drivers across the country so far. These drivers are typically individuals with a small business of one truck. They don’t have the resources of large companies and have a hard time going after large insurance companies on their own. We are able to provide free advice and handle each claim on a contingency-fee basis, so these victims don’t have to come up with money out of their pocket during a difficult time.

What’s next for your Company?
Growing our national online presence is important. We are improving our website, increasing Google ads, blogs, newsletters, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram postings. We must continue to appear at the top of search engines when owner-operators are searching for legal. We are also growing our small fleet’s clientele. The representation is similar to owner-operators, except these clients are primarily found through referral sources like transportation clubs, business owners and insurance companies.

How did the FSBDC at UNF help you and your company?
Chris Abetz has been a key part of taking our firm to the next level through his vision, coaching and encouragement. Chris has a very motivating personality and has been instrumental in creating a roadmap for the future of our firm. He is thoughtful and interested in considering each team member’s ideas. Intentional listening is definitely his superpower!

Foundational and growth focused initiatives provided by the SBDC at UNF professionals includes the following:
– DISC Behavioral Assessment of our staff
– Custom seminar on best habits to improve productively & effectiveness
– Custom Climate Survey of staff to establish benchmarks & improvements
– Mission, goal setting, financial, and process improvement advice
– Social media and platform marketing advice to enhance visibility & growth
– Ongoing strategic and leadership advice, and business planning support

Through the power of the SBDC, we have had the opportunity to work with many quality professionals. As a primary example, Chris connects with our management team very, very well. Based on his prior executive level experience in the communications and technology fields, he is able to ask relevant questions, provide thoughtful insights and quickly make suggestions. Congratulations to the SBDC at UNF for hiring employees with real world experience like Chris, who talk about real issues and solutions!

What would you say about the SBDC to a friend or business acquaintance?
We’re a fan! Take advantage of all the great services and staff. You don’t have to do it on your own. We’ve referred many new and not-so-new businesses to the SBDC over the last 20 years. The services and education that are provided are lifesaving for many young and struggling companies. Excellent resources!

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