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Keeping Healthy Simple Club

I recommend the SBDC every time someone asks about business coaching or start-up assistance! I’m in a lot of social media groups for entrepreneurs in a few different fields and people ask about business coaching all the time. I let them know how helpful the SBDC has been for me and encourage them to reach out and talk to someone to see if SBDC can be helpful for them too.

After a decade of helping others improve their health, Alexia Lewis found that people generally tend to overcomplicate their healthy choices.  Alexia started her business, Keeping Healthy Simple Club with one main goal, to make “keeping healthy” simple.  Keeping Healthy Simple Club offers monthly virtual cooking classes, online courses, and coaching sessions designed to create delicious meals that are not only simple to make but will improve health.  Taught by a registered dietitian, who is also culinary nutrition certified, the service is for both consumers and businesses.  For the individual, Keeping Healthy Simple Club helps home cooks boost their confidence in their cooking skills and nutrition knowledge.  For businesses, they offer unique virtual wellness perks to their employees through online cooking classes.

When Alexia was ready to take her business to the next level, she decided to meet with the Florida SBDC at UNF Consultant, Taylor Kennedy.  Taylor helped keep Alexia focused and gave her information and guidance to help grow her business.  Taylor assisted Alexia with the content and optimization of her website. He helped her with her marketing plan and connected her with other business professionals through the Small Business Resource Network.  Alexia also made sure to take advantage of the small business webinars the Florida SBDC at UNF offers.

While looking forward to resuming in-person services, Alexia continues to focus on perfecting her virtual cooking classes and they just launched, “Keeping Meal Planning Simple”, an online self-paced course.  While working with Taylor, she also recognized the value of her B2B business and has started working with direct primary care practice providers with showing their patients how to turn dietary recommendations into delicious and simple meals. With the assistance of the Florida SBDC at UNF, Alexia has been able to stay accountable for her business goals while she keeps her clients accountable for their health goals.

Keeping Healthy Simple ClubAlexia Lewis

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